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The White School, Kadalundinagaram [Affln.NO:930528] affiliated to CBSE was establishment in 1997 and provides a child oriented and value based instruction drawing out the innate capacities of students.

The benevolent Management led by its visionary, Hon. Chairman Mr. P. Sulaiman & Hon. Vice chairperson Ms. Nasheeda Sulaiman, have given the impetus to evolve the School as a centre for all round excellence. We have been imparting quality education to generations with well qualified and experienced faculty, good amenities, excellent team work, systematic and regular working culture, excellent parent- teacher rapport, discipline and moral strength.


The Main School building houses classes from I – XII and is ramified by a separate block of Kindergarten with play area and activity room.


The School has high compound walls and security personnel to ensure the safety of students. Health education and frequent checkups and awareness programs are conducted under the guidelines of the govt. Health department. Safe and clean drinking water is provided and good table manners and etiquettes are taught to our students.


  • Expansive playground with lush green surroundings
  • Basketball court
  • Spacious and well ventilated classrooms
  • Well equipped science, Math & computer labs
  • Well stocked library
  • Smart classrooms
  • Audio visual hall
  • Play way activity room
  • Sports room
  • Prayer hall
  • Conference hall
  • State -of –the- art auditorium
  • School clinic

Principal’s desk:

Praseena Vinod
Educate to Illuminate
The White School situated in the serene environ in Kadalundi Nag aram on the Malabar coast aims at providing comprehensive education so as to develop a fine personality in children.Our objective is to produce men and women with a keen sense of responsibility, discipline, initiative, self reliance and loyalty.We ensure competency in communication skills and envision our children to evolve into empowered individuals who can contribute to the world as leaders of tomorrow.

Sl No. Name Address Tenure Post
1 Sulaiman P "Nirvana vallikunnu P O Malappuram Dt" 2016-2019 Chairman
2 Nasheeda U "Nirvana vallikunnu P O Malappuram Dt" 2016-2019 Vice Chairperson
3 Sunitha Manikandan "Thanakandiyil House, Irivallur P O Chelannur" Secretary
4 Mehboob.M A "Musliyarakath House Kodiyathur P O Kozhikode" Member
5 Noushad KP "Saira Manzil Chinga Puram P O Kozhikode" Member
6 Imbichuty P "Moothedath House Koothali P O Malappuram Dt" Member
7 Vijay Pillai "Hilite Residency Flat No:115 Hilite City, Thondayad Kozhikode " Member
8 Sreelesh S "Sreepadam house Koothali P O Perambra Via Kozhikode" Member
9 Nimisha sajeev "Sreeyas Calicut Beach P O Gandi Road Kozhikode" Member
10 Raghunath K "Ragenth Ariyallur Malappuram " Member
11 Dr.Sethu Nath "Thamreri Neduva P O Puthenpeedika Malappuram" Member
12 Sandhya "Pavitram Ariyallur Malappuram" Member
1 RYNA K P 11/10/1979 PRT 04/06/2007 YES YES Adhoc
2 SASANA O 05/23/1976 TGT 01/06/2007 YES YES Adhoc
3 NABEELA C 05/23/1987 PRT 01/06/2008 YES YES Adhoc
4 PRABHA R 11/01/1976 TGT 01/06/2016 YES YES Adhoc
5 SHAJI K 01/12/1972 TGT 01/06/2008 YES YES Adhoc
6 NIMISHA SAJEEV 05/07/1979 PGT 01/06/2008 YES YES Adhoc
7 KAHDEEJA ASLAHA 05/26/1991 PGT 27/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
8 DHANYA C 01/09/1985 TGT 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
9 SANISHA 12/31/1990 TGT 01/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
10 SHANI MOL P 05/28/1986 TGT 07/12/2016 YES YES Adhoc
11 AISWARYA E C 09/06/1991 PRT 18/12/2017 YES YES Adhoc
12 DHANYA N 05/02/1987 PRT 21/10/2013 YES YES Adhoc
12 ANITHA T V 11/19/1978 PGT 01/06/2013 YES YES Adhoc
13 RANJEESHA T 09/10/1983 TGT 01/06/2014 YES YES Adhoc
14 SRUTHI P K 01/21/1990 PGT 23/07/2014 YES YES Adhoc
15 SUMA 02/06/1975 PRT 01/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
16 SINISHA T 03/19/1994 PET 01/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
17 SALOOJA E K 01/24/1979 TGT 16/09/2014 YES YES Adhoc
18 BINDU C P 10/25/1968 PRT 01/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
19 SULFIKER 01/01/1988 PGT 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
20 N INDUMATHI 10/02/1976 NTTC 06/06/2014 YES YES Adhoc
21 SWAFWANA K M 22/07/1994 NTTC 03/01/2018 YES YES Adhoc
22 ANJU C R 08/08/1986 NTTC 20/10/2017 YES YES Adhoc
23 RABITHA 12/25/1980 NTTC 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
24 AISWARYA K P 03/21/1991 NTTC 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
25 SAJITHA A P 01/03/1979 NTTC 01/06/2016 YES YES Adhoc
26 HABEEB RAHMAN 09/22/1991 TGT 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
27 SABIRA C 05/15/1983 PRT 01/06/2011 YES YES Adhoc
28 NAJIYA 11/28/1987 PRT 01/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
29 JIMNA T 05/20/1984 NTTC 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
30 SHIMNA A 06/18/1991 PRT 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
31 FASHNA ABDUL SAMAD 06/14/1988 PRT 01/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
32 SEEMA K 04/10/1978 TGT 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
33 REENA T E 05/20/1982 TGT 01/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
34 RAJESH BABU K M 05/01/1973 TGT 15/07/2016 YES YES Adhoc
35 MOHAN KUMAR P S 12/01/1974 PGT 01/06/2018 YES YES Adhoc
36 JAMEELA P 05/30/1973 TGT 01/07/2007 YES YES Adhoc
36 GANGADHARAN V 05/15/1987 PET 01/06/2016 YES YES Adhoc
37 ANIL KUMAR K 05/01/1979 TGT 01/06/2017 YES YES Adhoc
38 SANDEEP 05/23/1981 PGT 01/06/2015 YES YES Adhoc
39 DEEPA 03/31/1965 PRT 05/01/2015 YES YES Adhoc
40 KAVITHA 05/25/1976 TGT 01/06/2013 YES YES Adhoc
41 NAZARETH NIKITHA 04/05/1989 NTTC 16/07/2018 YES NO Adhoc
42 ROSHINI 08/16/1975 PRT 17/07/2018 YES YES Adhoc
43 SRINJU 25/03/1994 PRT 29/08/2018 YES YES Adhoc
44 SUNITHA MANIKANDAN 01/11/1970 PRINCIPAL 21/07/2016 YES YES Adhoc
1.Name of the school with address THE WHITE SCHOOL,
Email [email protected]
Phone Number 0494-2471170
Fax No 0494-2471170
2.Year of establishment of school 1997
3.Whether NOC from State/UT or Recommendation of embassy Of India obtained? YES
NOC NO 26032/N3/2003/G.Edn
NOC issuing date 29/05/2003
4.Is the school is recognized, if Yes by which Authority Yes, CBSE
5.Status of affiliation:Permanent/Regular/Provisionas PROVISIONAL
Affiliation No. 930528
Affiliation with the board since 2004
Extension of affiliation up to 2024
6.Name of trust/Society/Company ANNAFI CHARITABLE TRUST
7.List of members of school management Excel File-Management committee
8.Name and official address of the Manager/president/Chairman/Correspondent SULAIMAN P,NIRVANA,VALLIKUNNU P O MALAPPURAM
Phone Number 9387544001
Fax No 0494-2471170
9.Area of school campus
In Acres 3
In sq. mtrs. 12140.5692
Built up area (sq.mtrs) 3518.29
Area of playground in sq. mtrs. 6600
Other facilities
Swimming Pool Temporary
Indoor games Yes
Dance rooms Yes
Gymnasium No
Music rooms Yes
FM Station Yes
Hostels No
Health and Medical Check up Yes
10.Details of fee structures
Kindergarten 20,560/-
I to IV 23,280/- to 25,040/-
V to VII 25,040/- to 27,360/-
VIII to X: 27,120/- to 28,080/-
XI to XII 30,600/- to 34,400/-
11.Transport facility
Own Buses 6
Vehicles hired on contract basis 4
Details of transport charges varies with different route.
12.Particulars of teaching staff. Document-Particulars of teaching staff
13.Mode of payment of salary
Name of the bank through which salary is drawing South Indian Bank
Through single cheque transfer Advice YES
Cash Nil
14.Library facility
Size of the library(in sq.feet) 40 X 20
No of periodicals 10
No. of Dailies 4
No. of reference book class wise 200
No. of Magazines 15
15.Name of the grievance officer Mrs.Nasheeda U
16.Members of the sexual harassment Committee Mrs.Nasheeda U
Mrs. Sunitha Manikandan
Mrs. Nimisha Sajeev
Mrs. Fashna Abdusamad
17.Section wise enrolment of school for the Current session
Kindergarten 200
I to IV 415
V to VII 172
VIII to X 72
XI to XII 13
18.Academic session period From June to March
19.Vacation period From April to May
20.Admission Period From Jan to May
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