Mr. P. Sulaiman



The White School (TWS) believes that good education is the key to the progress and future of a country. It aims to be one of the finest institutions in India, imparting knowledge, instilling character-building values, tapping every student's potential and developing good learning habits. We provide value based contemporary education by inculcating qualities like good character; duty consciousness, tolerance and humility in the child and thus enable him or her to become a wholesome personality.

At TWS, we understand that every child is unique. We strongly believe that the school's ecosystem is not to create or force any specialization onto a child, but to nurture the innate ability, be it creative, analytical, scientific or linguistic. TWS will provide affordable access to high quality teaching for an increasingly diverse student body with varied needs. In short, at TWS we aspire to make our students' journey a beautiful memory to cherish for a lifetime!

Together, let us help our children become better human beings with a positive attitude that prepares them to always say 'I CAN'.

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