Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

A warm welcome from the TWSI community!

Every day at TWSI is a day of inquiry, exploration, action and reflection- for students, mentors and leaders alike! No two days are the same- for our calendar for each academic year is packed to the brim with learning experiences, extra-curricular activities, events and celebrations that encourage our learners to take their learning well beyond the curriculum. It is no surprise then that there is an electric collective energy that pulsates throughout our classrooms, assemblies and state-of-the-art learning spaces that is unique and distinct to this school.

Each learning experience offered to our students is thoughtfully designed by our supportive mentors to stimulate curiosity, engagement and deep exploration. Our school not only welcomes, but celebrates critical thinking and international-mindedness. At every step in their learning journeys, our learners are actively engaged in asking questions, capturing big ideas and making personal discoveries and connections that make their learning authentic and enduring. At the heart of all learning at TWSI, is our deep rooted belief that deep learning will naturally lead to transformative action and real-world application! School at TWSI is undoubtedly a passport to the best universities in the world, but it is also a firm foundation for life-long learning.

We warmly welcome you to join this transformative journey and experience this vibrancy, synergy and difference for yourself!

Mr. Rudolf Basil Noronha


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