Principal's Message

Principal’s desk:

A warm welcome from the students, staff and community of TWS.

True to our vision, The White School, Calicut aims to carry forward this illustrious tradition of nation-building through excellence in education by creating a community of lifelong learners, problem solvers, thinkers and value-driven global citizens.

The green expanse of the school campus is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. TWS operates to develop students to be responsible global citizens while retaining the Indian ethos. Our students are encouraged to develop their interests in a variety of activities beyond the classroom for all-around, balanced development and a healthy, open-minded attitude. TWS is unique in Calicut in offering Term and Monthly Boarding options for students.

Along with reaching the pinnacle of academic excellence, we aim for our students to fill their lives with the art of sustainability, morality, values and the right attitude. We constantly inspire them to acquire values and skills that they can rely upon in leading their lives purposefully as individuals and global citizens. To attain this, we provide an enabling environment and honing of their talents through academic, co-curricular exposure and teaching excellence.

We at TWS, intend to do everything possible to foster the inherent talents and truly live up to our motto “In Pursuit of Excellence”. We not only provide a supporting and nurturing environment catering to their individual growth but also gives students enough exposure to 21st century skills of communication, and critical and creative thinking by integrating technology seamlessly into the curriculum.

Moreover, value-based education, life skills training, experiential learning, and service to society are intertwined with the holistic curriculum at our school. The well-trained faculty consciously endeavours to provide an opportunity for all students to excel and grow to their full potential. The teaching methodologies adopted at TWS are well-researched and customized to suit the needs of our learners.

We believe in a constructive partnership with parents with the common aim to achieve excellence in education and the holistic development of every child at our school. We are very grateful to our parents for their sincere involvement and support in all these endeavours of the school. Without dedicated cooperation between the school and home, we cannot offer a holistic education for our students.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” - Margaret Mead

In Pursuit of Excellence!



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